Welcome to the Chalet Dolecir

We give you our warmest welcome to our Chalet Dolecir and we wish you a beautiful and restful Holiday in the Dolomites. 

We’re eager to assist you during your Holiday and we stay at your disposal. 

Please have a look at the following important information:

We want to inform you that it’s not allowed to smoke inside the Chalet.

Since the floors of the living areas of the Chalet are made of natural wood, we ask you to use slippers (that are available in the Chalet) in these areas.

Please do not lock (with the key) the two entrance doors of the Chalet (the entrance on the garage level and the main entrance on the side of the Chalet). Obviously you can lock your unit.

Your unit will be tidied occasionally during your stay (upon agreement). This service does not include the kitchenette. 
We remind you that the latest possible check-out hour (return of the keys, luggage in the car) 10 am is.
We kindly ask you to leave the unit in order and the kitchenette as clean as possible.
We also ask you to take the leftover groceries home with you for their consumption, as unfortunately they cannot be offered elsewhere and it’s not appropriate to throw them away. Thank you very much in advance.
The pre-authorization of the security deposit will be released within 5 days of your departure on condition that no damages are ascertained and that the accommodation is left as agreed.

We kindly ask you to respect the hours of silence, while you’re in the outdoor areas of the Chalet (balconies and terraces):

9 pm – 8 am
and 1 pm – 3 pm

The password to connect to the Wi-Fi system is:  dolecirchalet

Please make your order for the fresh bread and milk for the following day, within 5 pm. 
We’re glad to bring you the bread for your daily excursion too and this amount of bread will be charged.
The service is not available on Sun- and Holidays. 

Toilet paper, soaps and shower gel can be found in the wooden cabinet situated in the stairway, toward the garage. 
If you’d like to have a change of the towels, please put the item that needs to be changed in the bidet. 
A change of the bedlinen is possible, if requested in advance and this service will be extra charged. 

Tap water is drinkable and delicious. Also for your daily trips we advise you to fill your water bottles, to reduce the consumption of plastic bottles.
As far as possible, limit the consumption of water when taking your shower.
As far as possible, please limit the use of household appliances and please use the washing machine, dryer, dishwasher and e-charging station for electric cars during the day, thus taking advantage of the electricity generated by the photovoltaic panels.
Switch off all lights when you leave a room or the Chalet. 

We kindly invite you to separate the various garbage items und to place them in the appropriate garbage bins in the garage, following the instructions that you’ll see on the wall.
We kindly ask you to squeeze the plastic bottles well to reduce their volume.
NOTE: “soft” plastic (for example food packaging wrappers, plastic dishes, jars of yogurt) must be placed in the bin “residual waste”. 

The heating system is being regulated by us and we stay at your disposal for changes, if required.
To maintain a comfortable temperature in the living areas and in the bathrooms, it is important to always keep the bathroom doors closed.
If you activate the HEATING button in the bathrooms, the bathroom heating (and radiator) will heat up for approximately 45 minutes and will then stop automatically. 

For emergencies (fire, ambulance, police) please call the emergency number 112.
The address of the Chalet Dolecir is: Str. Rit 5, 39030 La Valle (BZ)

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